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New Improved Maps

April 17th 2017

This week we introduced a full page map and a no-map option, providing our partners with a choice on how they present their search results.

Comencia performance improved

March 31st 2017

As we continue to invest in technology to improve the user experience we have added hotel cacheing in order to speed up the search results page

Comencia Launch new SEARCH WIDGET

February 3rd 2017

Our Search Widget is here ! Email for more detail.

Comencia launch New Search Technology

January 27th 2017

Comencia has launched new search technology allowing customer to search by City, Region, Place of Interest, Airport or even Hotel name. Leveraging emerging cloud based search technology we are able to instantly provide smart choices to the consumer.

Comencia celebrates as their 100th Partner Launched

October  10th 2016

Comencia are proud to announce that they launched their 100th partner today. Our partners range from charities, sports teams and event management companies, to location focused travel sites and high street and online travel agencies. We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for their business. We continue to listen to each of you as we continue to innovate and expand the capabilities of our platform - onwards and upwards!

Comencia features on TNOOZ

September 26th 2016

Comenica were featured this week on, read the full article here.

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Linkedin Article - Now anyone can have a travel site

September 23rd 2016

With Comencia’s platform you can have your own branded travel site up and running in just hours. Sign up is free. There are no long term commitments; no set up fees, no transaction fees, and no monthly subscription fees for our entry level plan. You fill in some basic information about yourself and what you want your web site to look like and you are ready to go. The best part is that we pay you 4% commission on all completed hotel stays. Sign up for free now at to get started. This time tomorrow, you could be a Travel Agent!

Linkedin Post - Monetize your existing traffic and brand loyalty

September 12th 2016

Comencia provide customized Travel Sites to enable individuals, organizations or Business to book hotels and earn commission. We provide our service free of charge as well as paying the site owner a rebate on each hotel booking. Our model is to leverage existing brands and loyal customer bases to create travel bookings. When broken down, the hotel business follows an unusual model – each company is selling the exact same product. Obtaining traffic and maximizing its conversion is the key to success. Large travel organizations have invested heavily making buying traffic through search engines no longer a realistic option. The hotels themselves are aware of the value of their brands and are exercising control over bidding on chains and hotel names to generate direct business. Rather than trying to generate traffic to Comencia as a brand, our model is to identify existing traffic on sites with loyal customer bases as opportunities for cross selling travel. Our self-signup and interactive configuration interface allows partners to create and deploy a branded travel site in minutes. Unlike other providers we offer a true white label service ensuring that our partners monetize their loyal customer base without losing customers to the technology provider.

Comencia Partner Launches new APP

September 8th 2016

R2Sports, a Comencia Partner, today announced the launch of their new R2 Sports App available for both Android and iPhones. The new mobile application will take you closer than ever to the all the action of the sports and events that you are interested in.

The app was developed for players competing in an event using the R2 Sports tournament software, providing instant access to tournament data. It is also designed to help fans, friends, and parents receive live updates when they are not able attend.

Imagine being able to select your favourite players, events, and divisions, then having live information brought to you instead of you having to go find it on the website. Get notifications when a game is starting, receive live scores when the referee is using the R2 live scoring app, and receive final game results. All this while being able to share, like, and post comments. Enter tournaments, interact with other players and chat with fans. Watch live streaming from right within the app when made available by the director. If you can’t be there in person, it’s the next best thing!

Available now on both the Apple iPhone through the iTunes store, as well on Android via the Google Play store, it is a free download.

Now Event Directors can use the app to send messages to event participants. Receive notifications in case a game time changes and other important information from the director.

Contact us at with any comments or questions. We hope you enjoy the app!

Comencia launch Pet Friendly Hotels

October 1st 2016

Following a recent trip to Denver and a cancelled flight one of our customers found themselves stranded in Chicago with their dog. We felt it was about time someone provided an accurate list of Pet Friendly hotels along with the associated fees for taking your pet along. We  are pleased to announce that we have now added a Pet filter to our hotel search results page, as well as allowing our partners to pass a new ‘Pet Friendly’ parameter when they search for hotels to ensure they only display pet friendly hotels.  We currently have over 50,000 pet friendly hotels on our site.

Comencia chose StatusCake as their Enterprise Monitoring partner

September 12th 2016

We strive to ensuring our customers sites are available 24x7. StatusCake enables us to quickly deploying availability and performance monitoring for each site. With multiple points of presence around the world we can assure our partners that their sites are accessible and performing. Integration with Slack, E-Mail and SMS means that our entire organization is aware should an issue occur.

Comencia launch Global Payments through partnering Tipalti

September 1st 2016

As a company with partners all over the world we knew we needed to find a special technology partner to enable us to provide the flexible payment options we wanted for our platform. We are pleased to announce that on September 1st we launched our global payments solution build on Tipaliti technology. This strategic relationship allows our partners to select how and when we pay them – offering payments methods from bank transfers, PayPal to pre-paid visa cards. We can pay anyone, anywhere, in almost any currency.

Comencia sign Flights deal with Provoke Aero

July 20th 2016

Hotels are awesome, but Hotels and Flights are super awesome.  Today we signed a deal with Provoke Aero to allow us to add Flights to our site. We expect stand-alone flights to be launched in October 2016, with full dynamic packages to be avaialble before the end of 2016.

Comencia integrate Business Intelligence Dashboards through Slemma

July 1st 2016

Every minute of every day we collect data from customers. Interpreting that data to better understand customers and make informed decisions is key to a successful business.  Comencia have signed Slemma as a key technology partner. Using the Slemma technologies we will make real time Business Intelligence dashboards available to our customers.

Comencia choose ZenDesk as their Service Management platform

June 6th 2016

Great Customer service is integral to Comencia. Zendesk allowed us to quickly publish our customer facing knowledge base as well as enabling to log and track support requests both internally and externally. Visit

Comencia select Heroku as our cloud application platform

June 1st 2016

With Heroku as our cloud application platform we can ensure that our application app developers spend their time on our application code, not managing servers, deployment, ongoing operations, or scaling.