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  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting
  • Over 250,000 Hotels to choose from
  • Pre-Pay & Post-Pay Hotels
  • Travel Insurance
  • Adaptive design for Mobiles
  • Trip Advisor Reviews
  • 37 Languages & 21 Currencies
  • User Self Service
  • Custom destinations on landing page
  • Closed User Groups through Secure Sign in
  • Your Company Loyalty Program*
  • Hybrid Platform - Use of API for Search
  • Home returns to your web site

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  • Branding
  • Comencia.com Domain
  • Custom Domain Name - YourCompany.com**
  • Fully White Label Solution
  • Branded Emails
  • Analytics
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Real time Booking Dashboard
  • Build Custom BI Dashboards
  • Support
  • 24x7 North American Based Telephone Booking Support
  • E-Mail Technical Support
  • Dedicated North American Based Technical Support
  • Payments
  • Marketing Fees Payment



  • Transactions
  • Maximum monthly booking transactions allowed

Up to 100

bookings per month


bookings per month

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** When you select the Pro Plan you can choose your own URL structure

Every Plan Includes

  • Datacenter available across the world.

    You can select the region in which you want to host your application - USA, Europe or Asia.

  • High-Availablity

    We host all application instances in the cloud to maximize high availability of the platform service. Expect 99.99% availability.*

  • Secure Application.

    Our application runs only under HTTPS connection providing maximum security and confidence to your customers.

  • North American Based Support.

    Comencia provide a North American Based service desk and self-service knowledge base.

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